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Do you love the blue-green ocean water? Casting away and the sheer exhilaration of the catch? Here at Chasing-Tail Charters we love nothing more than putting in a hard day’s work on the rigs….. Fishing rigs that is of course!

It's extra special if you catch something edible and have a braai that same day with what you have caught!

Our fishing charter in Langebaan caters for every skill level, whether you’re a seasoned angler, enjoy the occasional fishing sessions with friends, or a complete beginner – we’ll get you enjoying every moment - hook, line and sinker.

We provide Deep Sea Fishing trips, Sightseeing trips to Jacobs Bay and Relaxing Local Cruises on Langebaan's Lagoon and Saldanha harbour. We also do Coastal Cruises as well as Sight Seeing Trips to Yzerfontein, Dassen Island and St Helena Bay.

We are very family orientated. Kids welcome, we wont use them for bait!!!

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Recent Celebreties on the Chasing-Tail boat

We are honoured to have welcomed Adam Tas and old Springbok Kwagga onto our boat for a fishing trip. We had a great (and a bit wet) time. Thank you for choosing us and we look forward to your next charter!

Adam Tas and Willen (Skipper)
Adam Tas, Willem (Skipper) and Kwagga



An Absolute Must See - Our Media

You must see Our Photos and Our Videos Page. See what we get up to and the fish we catch.

As they say - 'The Proof Is in the Pudding...'


All these pictures are on Our Own Boat and Fish Our Clients Caught


Chasing Tail caters for families to have fun and time bonding while on holiday. 

• Casual Sightseeing Cruises on Langebaan Lagoon, around Club Mykonos and also Saldanha Bay.
• See the View from the Ocean to: Langebaan, Saldanha, Jacobsbay, Paternoster, Britania Bay or Shelley Point in St Helena.
• If you are in the Mood for a Romantic Sundowner, we cater for that too!


We Offer the following Locations and Possible Fish

Langebaan & Saldanha

We are targeting the following seasoned edible species.
• ELF / Shad
• Yellowtail
• Cob / Kabeljou
• White Stumpnose
• Steenbras
• Shark Fishing

ST Helena - Noord Blinder

We are targeting the following seasoned edible species.
• Snoek
• Yellowtail
• Slender Tuna
• Long Fin Tuna
• Bonitos

Dassen Island

We are targeting the following seasoned edible species.
• Yellow Fin Tuna
• Yellowtail
• Long Fin Tuna
• Bonitos


We are targeting the following seasoned edible species.
• Snoek
• Yellowtail
• Slender Tuna
• Long Fin Tuna
• Bonitos


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